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Hi! I'm Alexander Kahoun. I'm a software engineer, teacher, gamer, occassional speaker, and father. I currently work at a Sibi as a Team Lead and Staff Engineer. This blog, its contents and opinions are my own. I write about development and technology that I'm working with, and occassionally things about life. I am a polyglot and love to learn new languages. That's one of the driving forces behind my blog, you get to learn along with me. I've shipped code in C#, Go, Clojure, Javascript/Node, Scala, Objective-C, and even VB6 and VB.NET (don't tell anyone). I love working at all levels of code. I've worked mainly on the web, but have done my fair share of desktop and mobile applications as well. There's always more to learn and ways to sharpen my skills. Don't ever be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and learn new things, it's always rough at first but the rewards are amazing. Come along for the ride.


I've been writing code for over 15 years and I still love doing it and learning new things. I was fortunate enough to learn logo in grade school and Turbo Pascal, C++, and Basic in High School. In college I was an undergraduate teaching assistant and had a blast. I love sharing what I learn as much as I like learning. I've done a lot of consulting work throughout my career and have worked on desktop applications, mobile applications, big data, data ingestion, integrations, web systems, dev ops, platforms, infrastructure, and systems architecture. I love what I do and enjoy working at all levels.

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